As the Warrior mage with earth magic, Adriane has the powers and abilities of enhanced speed, strength, agility, and an offensive magical energy called "wolf fire". In Ghost Wolf, she becomes able to turn to mist and world-walk, or travel between the physical world and the astral planes. She is bonded to the mistwolf, Dreamer, and the red dragon, Drake. Her wolf paw-shaped jewel evolved from amber-colored to gold-edged silver when Stormbringer, her first bonded mistwolf, became her paladin.

Having spent most of her life traveling with her artist parents, Adriane has never experienced strong friendships or a sense of belonging. She moved to Stonehill six months before the start of the series, to live with her grandmother Nakoda, the caretaker of Ravenswood. A strange, quiet, standoffish loner, Adriane is not well-liked by her classmates, and the first friend she makes is the mistwolf Stormbringer. Their magical and emotional bond is especially strong, making Adriane all the more devastated when Storm seemingly dies in Trial by Fire. Although she bonds with a new wolf, Dreamer, she is haunted with guilt until Ghost Wolf, when Storm returns and becomes her paladin.

Adriane takes pride in being tough and self-sufficient, and will only show her sense of humor and sentimental side to her close friends. She isn't outgoing or sociable, but in the later books she becomes more tolerant of other people, especially Kara's friends. Adriane's antagonistic attitudes and comments usually start the fights between her and Kara. It is implied that Adriane is jealous of Kara's easy life, and resentful of her less-than-serious attitude about Ravenswood's problems. She and Kara become friends in the later books, as they develop understanding and respect for one another. She has been very close to Emily since the beginning of the series, and has a romantic interest in Zach, a boy she met on Aldenmor.

Adriane is 13 years old at the start of the series. She has straight black hair and black eyes. She is tall and thin. Adriane is reportedly Native American/French, due to both her parents' and grandparents' heritage. She usually wears black/dark colored clothes, unlike Kara and Emily. Adriane owns a red Fender guitar, which she plays throughout the series. It is also revealed in Spellsinger that she can sing quite well. According to the official Avalon: Web of Magic website, her online screename is guitargirl and her favorite dessert is chocolate cream pie. The site also mentions that she is a good cook.