Book 8

It's not easy being a fairy princess! Kara's got a problem: she can't control her magic. So she goes back to doing what she does best—being pretty and popular, and performing in the school play. The other mages, Emily and Adriane, can deal without her. But the magic has other plans for Kara, the Blazing Star... Whisked into the Fairy Realms, Kara falls smack into the middle of an impending war, and meets a mysterious boy with a dark secret. Kara may be the only one who can restore peace between the Fairies and the Goblins, but she must first tame her unstable powers, her wild heart, and a stallion made of fire! If she fails, it could mean the destruction of the Fairy Realms, the unraveling of the magic web... and the end of Avalon itself.