Kara, the Blazing Star, was the last to find her jewel, a silver unicorn horn that gains pink and red highlights when it reaches Level Two, and discover her powers: amplifying other's magic. She can also control a flock of fairy dragons, attract magical animals, emit brilliant flashes of magical power, and briefly had the ability to shape-shift. Her bonded animals are Lyra, a winged leopard, and the fairy dragons - Goldie, Fred, Fiona, Blaze, and Barney - nicknamed Dragonflies. Her magical element is fire, and her paladin is the Firemental stallion, Starfire

Early in the series, Kara was often in conflict with the other two mages, especially Adriane, because Kara couldn't control her magic and wanted to use it for personal gain. In All That Glitters, she finds and then gives up an uncontrollable jewel, which she later earns back in Trial by Fire. In All's Fairy in Love and War, she discovers the true nature of her powers and learns to control them.

Outgoing and attractive, Kara is one of the most popular girls at school, though a bit of a spoiled brat. Her love of fashion (and attention) fuels her desire to perfect her outer image. She is less shallow than her popular friends, and seems less willing to belittle and ridicule people who are different from her. Being used to easily getting her way, she is frustrated by her lack of a magic jewel, and later, by her inability to control her powers and abilities. Underneath, however, she is kind-hearted and loyal. She has a crush on Lorren the Goblin Prince from All's Fairy in Love and War.