Ozzie's golden ferret stone gives him the power and ability over air magic, the power and ability to amplify and alter sound, and allows him to communicate telepathically. Full Circle reveals that Phel is his paladin and proves the theory that he is bonded to himself.

Ozzie lived as an elf on Aldenmor, until the Farimentals transformed him into a talking ferret and sent him to Earth to find three mages. Although knowing little to nothing about magic, he became Adriane, Emily, and Kara's friend and mentor-figure. In Trial by Fire, the Farimentals rewarded him for his services with a magic jewel of his own. He discovered his elemental air powers in Ghost Wolf. Although it seemed that Emily unintentionally killed him Dark Mage, Full Circle reveals that he was only transformed back into an elf. Because Ozzie cannot be corrupted by dark magic, he was the key to the mages saving the web.

Although good-natured and caring, Ozzie is also blunder-prone, easily flustered, and over-confident at times. He adores almost any food, from cookies to dog treats. Of the three mages, he is closest to Emily, and is also friendly with the animal refugees at Ravenswood. In the later books, he often bickers with Tweek, the Experimental Farimental.